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Posted in time on August 2nd, 2013 by hayko

Conversion. Do as you wish.

Social Networking Hyper-hyper

Posted in facebook on January 27th, 2007 by hayko

No comment at this time, just a few quotes from Danah Boyd's newest essay on class division:
"The goodie two shoes, jocks, athletes, or other 'good' kids are now going to Facebook."
"MySpace has most of the kids who are socially ostracized at school because they are geeks, freaks, or queers."
"While I'm using the term 'subaltern teens' to lump together non-hegemonic teens, the lifestyle divisions amongst the subalterns are quite visible on MySpace through the aesthetic choices of the backgrounds. The aesthetics issue is also one of the forces that drives some longer-term users away from MySpace."

Bankomat or ATM everywhere

Posted in bankomat on January 27th, 2007 by hayko

Basic goal: Get rid of cash or silly electronic equivalents everywhere. Basic idea: Employ the combination of ATM cards (Bankomatkarte) + PIN to all transactions. Yes, Austria is so far advanced with its unique nationwide common ATM system and the availability of debit card terminmals almost everywhere.

Almost everywhere. The goal wants them everywhere, and also none of these dodgy quick-cash replacements. The argument is cost and online connectivity. Some critics say for the system to work there is the need for an online transaction to take place. But that's just not true.

Similarly to prepaid or quick-cash loaded cards the transaction shouldn't always need connectivity. Here the transaction amount is stored on an intermedia card and only transferred once a day or even through manual intervention. Why not the same for ATM cards if the cost of constant online connectivity is too high or simply not possible? If anyone is wondering, creditcards themselves are a good alternative and widespread. However, they're not everywhere and a stolen creditcard may be misused before it can be reported as such.

According to this term paper by back then a student of the IAIK institute of TU Graz in 1996 offline terminals were already in use to allow verification of the smart card without a connection to a central host to allow transactions.

Oh my it's only been eleven years. Where did the time go?

The way I say things

Posted in austria on January 13th, 2007 by hayko

The chronologists say it is the 3rd of August 2007 and we are sitting in Philip's Cafe at the Krenngasse in Graz. Here Noemi asks the crowd to comment on her new hair style. I respond with "Es bewegt sich." (Englisch: "It moves.") and harvest a weird look. Julia begins the translation: "Er sagt, wenn du deinen Kopf drehst, schwingt dein Haar mit. Und das gefällt ihm." in Englisch "He says that when you turn your head, your hair swings along. And he likes it." and harvests another weird look.

I smile and Noemi is bewildered. Julia knows me well enough to be able to translate the way I say things to the way I intend things. ; )

Update: This language later has been denoted as: haykonisch.

How to make truly wireless keyboards

Posted in idea on January 9th, 2007 by hayko

The keyword for wireless keyboards is piezoelectricity. It may solve all our problems of power and what not.

The quick idea behind it (since I'm hungry and Gregor just mentioned burritos *argl*) is to place piezoelectric crystals under each key. When pressed it generates (hopefully, still need to calculate and verify) enough power to transmit the data via a wireless transponder. Who's got a 200 WPM rate? I need some volunteers.

24/7 in Austria

Posted in austria on January 4th, 2007 by hayko

Shops aren't open all day all week in Austria. I got partially used to it in Melbourne. Very nice to be able to just shop whenever you realize you're out of whatever you want. In Austria they have strict laws about how long a shop may be open and on what days and at night time and whatnot. Recently a few rare shops opened up to 21 o'clock or for a short time on Sundays, but that very very few. The rest should do this move as well, I thought, up to now. A friend of mine convinced me otherwise recently by saying:
"des is a grund warum die gschäfter am sonntog net offn hobn dürfn wal sunst kann ma die tage gor nimma untascheidn"
Translation: That is the reason why shops shouldn't be allowed to open on Sundays. Otherwise you can't tell apart the days at all anymore.

All that remains are memories

Posted in food on January 2nd, 2007 by hayko

Martin G. Manko wrote a bunch amongst which he tells of a poet who gets up at noon wondering what his morning could have been like. The poet is intensively busy thinking of the things and events that would have taken place. After which he seems satisfied to be so productive and goes right back to sleep.

Manko's overall jit is that all that remains are memories, and there is no difference between memories made and memories thought up. Except that I'd really miss a Vogerlsalad mit Hühnerbrust for lunch. And then again, who needs food when asleep?

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